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28 Sep 2015

Supermoon, Sept 27, 2015

Last night my wife, daughter and I sat out and watched the eclipse.  I captured these images over a 10 minute period.  Tripod steady and a low ISO.

19 Feb 2014
19 Feb 2014
22 Jan 2014

Recent architectural shoot in Roslyn

Here’s a very recent architectural tour from a beautiful home in Roslyn… The Homeowner and realtor were enjoyable company. I used 2 lights on this one. If It wasn’t for the terrible weather and the fact that I wanted to leave before the storm got worse, I would have brought in 2 more speedlights!: http://html5.obeo.com/default.aspx?tourid=846158&section=ifloorplan&ver=0.045

21 Jan 2014

Sunset photo

…I can across a great picture of a sweet couple, Ray and Traci. I had the honor of shooting this sunset photo of the parents to be. What a great evening and a fun couple. Thanks to Traci for scouting such a great place to shoot.

28 Oct 2013

The Delaware River and Route 97

The destination wasn’t as pleasing.  I went to my 2nd home and found out I needed a new bathtub.

28 Oct 2013


What a great experience i got to take with me from 3 great speakers at today’s PPGNY meeting in NYC. Thank you Hanson Fong, Rudy Pollack and Michele Celentano for your time today.

16 Oct 2012

Lasers and Disco Balls

I had an opportunity to shoot a pretty cool laser breaking over a disco ball. Hope you like.